Ist AFRICAN VIRAL HEPATITIS CONVENTION for the Control and elimination of viral hepatitis in SSA Hosted by GHASSA under the auspices of the Gastroenterology Foundation of SSA In conjunction with the IAHPBA meeting 14 – 18 May 2024 Cape Town SA
An African Hepatitis Convention, to be hosted for the first time by GHASSA, on our continent in 2024, will provide an opportunity for the formation of national and international networks of hepatologists, clinicians, virologists, public health professionals, community health organizations as well as policy makers that will strive towards the elimination of viral hepatitis in SSA.
In the year preceding this event, in 2023, GHASSA will host a number of meetings in 2023 with the aim of contributing to and strengthening GHASSA on the continent.
  • The ECCO lecture Copenhagen March 2023 do be delivered by Gill Watermeyer - will highlight SSA IBD and introduce GHASSA to a European and international audience
  • ECHO IASL GHASSA virtual symposium on Liver cancer in SSA first quarter 2023
  • GHASSA ASGE Endoscopy symposium at the DDW in Chicago May 2023
  • GHASSA world hepatitis day Johannesburg July 2023 - will bring together all SSA colleagues who will contribute to the Viral hepatitis summit in 2024 together with AU representation
  • GHASSA Hepatology Post graduate course in mid 2023.
  • GHASSA and Foundation Liver Interest group meeting Cape Town Dec 2023
GI Endoscopy in Sub-Saharan Africa Endoscopic workshops are now included in our meetings both in SA and SSA. A generous donation has enabled the development of a SA reference Endoscopy unit at the Groote Schuur Hospital which will facilitate endoscopy training and upskilling to all SSA endoscopists. The Best of the annual ASGE post graduate course is proving to be a useful endoscopic teaching course and all fellows benefit from a Gastro Foundation funded 3-year free membership to the ASGE which allows fellows access to the monthly journal and free online access to the comprehensive endoscopic teaching aides.
We are presently collaboration with the WEO with the aim of strengthening endoscopy units in SSA
Our focus now is to extend these endoscopic activities into SSA virtually using the G – ECHO platform.
GASLIDD August 2018: Highlights of the ASGE postgraduate course & Colonoscopy Masterclass.
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