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Acute liver failure review – Fran van der Schyff

Finding ways out of the conundrum that is acute liver failure management: The Gastro Foundation acute liver failure symposium

Many an experienced clinician will find him or herself daunted by the presentation of a patient in acute liver failure.

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IBD Interest Group Meeting: – Thania Kahn

The IBD Interest Group Meeting was held at the Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town, on a sunny winter’s Saturday in June. This was the 13th Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) interest group meeting, hosted once again by the Gastro Foundation.

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Patient Blood Management

I was invited to an interest group meeting at Inanda Club, Sandton that was hosted by the Gastro Foundation. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and the room was filled with familiar faces. What better way to spend a Saturday morning: great food, excellent company and brilliant discussions.

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Spier Weekend 2019

On the 1st of February, a pristine day at Spier in the Cape ushered in the 10th annual Gastro Foundation Fellows meeting. The preceding meetings promised and delivered not only invaluable academic preparation for fellows sitting for the exit exams in various fields of gastroenterology, but the opportunity to network and form enduring friendships. This meeting would prove no different.

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9th Liver Interest Group Annual Meeting

On a beautiful Saturday morning, I made my way to the Radisson Blu Gautrain hotel in Sandton for the 9th annual liver interest meeting. After a quick cup of coffee to catch up with colleagues, we made our way into the modern and stylish conference centre to begin the talks of the day.

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11th Annual IBD Interest Group Meeting: Cape Town 2018

The idyllic Vineyard Hotel, with its beautiful backdrop of Table Mountain, played host to the 11th Gastroenterology Foundation of Sub-Saharan Africa Inflammatory Bowel Disease [IBD] Interest Group Meeting held on 27 October 2018.

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56th annual SAGES conference
The 56th annual SAGES conference held at The Forum in Sandton between 8th and 11th August 2018, featured a number of post graduate programs hosted by the Gastroenterology Foundation of SSA.
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DDW Meeting
The 2018 DDW meeting was held in Washington DC during the first week of June and attracted over 20000 attendees. Once again, the meeting created an opportunity to update oneself on all areas of GI Hepatology and to continue talks aligning the Foundation with a number of associations both in Europe and the USA.
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New frontiers in Crohn’s perianal fistulae disease
The American Surgical colorectal society recommendations are a good review of what should be done in this population group. In 2011 they published their practice parameters.
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9th annual Gastroenterology Foundation Fellows Weekend
For the 9th annual Gastroenterology Foundation Fellows Weekend, 40 fellows and 27 faculty descended upon the Spier Conference Centre 2-4 February 2018. As a visiting medical GI fellow at Groote Schuur from Brown University in the United States, I was fortunate to be included on the Spier roster this year. Read more

8th Liver Interest Group annual meeting
The 8th Liver Interest Group annual meeting was held in Cape Town over the first weekend of December 2017, and this year’s meeting was special with the launch of the Gastroenterology and Hepatology association of Sub - Saharan Africa (GHASSA). Read more

10 year Overview
This year the Gastroenterology Foundation of South Africa celebrates its 10th anniversary. It is an appropriate time, therefore, to reflect on the achievements the Foundation has made over the past 10 years. Read more

Third Annual General Scientific Meeting of GASLIDD
The Ghana Association for the Study of Liver and Digestive Diseases (GASLIDD) held their Third Annual General Scientific Meeting .....Read more

IBD Interest Group Meeting – Crystal Towers, Cape Town
A now established highlight on the academic calendar, the IBD1 interest group, hosted by the Gastro Foundation and kindly funded by Cipla, Janssen, Medtronic and Takeda.....Read more

UEGW Postgraduate Course
The UEGW Postgraduate Course took place at one of the well-appointed Conference rooms of the United Nations Conference Centre, Addis Ababa on July 6 2017. This was the opening day of the 8th AMAGE conference and was dedicated to the Gastroenterology-Foundation-of-SSA-sponsored Best of UEG Week Postgraduate Teaching Course - the first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Read more
2017-Spier-Fellows -Weekend
The 8th Gastro Foundation weekend for fellows weekend from the 27th Jan - 31st Jan 2017, has come and gone but the impact lingers. I arrived Cape Town earlier on 26th January with a Rwandan fellow, thanks to the ever efficient, Karin and Bini et al and we explored the beautiful Spier Hotel. That evening we were treated to an exotic dinner with the guest speaker, Prof Rogler from Switzerland. Read more

8th Gastro Foundation Weekend for Fellows
The eighth annual Gastroenterology Foundation Fellows Weekend was held at the beautiful Spier Wine Farm during the weekend of 27th-29th January. The Fellows Weekend is a meeting dedicated to promoting the development of future specialists within gastroenterology. As a result of the formation of the Gastroenterology and Hepatology Association of sub-Saharan Africa (GHASSA), fellows from Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Mozambique, Kenya and Nigeria joined their South African counterparts for the meeting. Read more
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Best EASL, Durban at ASSA SAGES – August 2015 – Professor Wendy Spearman

Chris Kassianides,Chairman of the Gastroenterology Foundation of South Africa, in conjunction with EASL put together a whole day symposium of Liver talks at this year’s ASSA SAGES meeting in Durban. The Faculty included international speakers Professor Massimo Pinzani, Director of the UCL Institute for Liver and Digestive Health; Professor Tom Karlsen, leader of the Norwegian PSC centre and Molecular Hepatology at the University of Oslo; Professor Frank Tacke of RWTH Aachen University, where he is the leader of a molecular liver research laboratory; and Professor Fumni Lesi from Lagos, Nigeria. The local speakers were Corne Kruger, Mashiko Setshedi, Mark Sonderup and Wendy Spearman from Cape Town.
IBD Microbiota; June 2015 - Chris Kassiandies

Professor Gerhard Rogler has become a regular visitor to South Africa and and always provides interesting talks and stimulating discussion at the Gastro Foundation IBD interest group meetings. This meeting focussed on the current topic of IBD and the microbiome.

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Spier Fellows Meeting 2016 - Dr Reena Kara

The seventh annual Gastroenterology Foundation Fellows Weekend – a fun and interactive event focusing on the development of the future gastroenterologists – returned to Spier Wine Farm from 5 to 7 February 2016. As a first time attendee I was excited to see what this very unique training event entailed. Senior colleagues had advised me that it would be an academically taxing but thoroughly enjoyable experience and it definitely lived up to that.
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Lagos blog - Mark Sonderup

If the truth be told, I was told not to go to Lagos by none other than a Nigerian colleague. Unless of course I was ensured an armed escort and had handlers all the time. I thought it a bit dramatic however similar themes emanated from other colleagues. Then the Nigerian elections happened and we were told that the trip may be delayed because of election violence and instability.

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AGA Post Grad Course in Accra, Ghana - Prof R Ally

I was so saddened to see the news yesterday that over 100 people had been killed in Accra, Ghana, where a petrol station exploded. Just 3 months ago, the Gastro Foundation made its first sojourn into Sub - Saharan Africa by delivering the DDW Postgraduate course (2014) in this city.

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Report on the 5th LIVER INTEREST GROUP Annual Meeting
29th November 2014

The outstanding feature of this meeting was the fact that it the first occasion on which hepatologists/gastroenterologists from elsewhere in Africa attended and took an active part in the meeting. It has long been apparent that the future of Hepatology/ Gastroenterology in Africa would depend upon an active interaction and collaboration between experts in these fields from all parts of the continent, and this was confirmed at this meeting. The populations of the African continent are beset by numerous illnesses, many of which have their highest incidences in, or are unique to, the continent. The solution to these problems will require a close interaction between experts from all parts of the Africa, a fact that that was clearly demonstrated during the discussion periods of the meeting.

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OCTOBER 18th – 22nd 2014

The United European Week (UEGW) is the largest and most prestigious GI meeting in Europe and fast becoming the most prestigious in the world. Over 13 000 participants from 118 countries attended, 3500 abstracts were submitted with 466 invited lectures and eleven simultaneous live streams to a global audience.

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